School of Economics and Finance (SEF)


Our History

Started as a program of International Trade in English Department of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) in 1984, it was expanded into Department of International Economics & Trade in 1988, developed into School of International Economics, Trade & Management in 1993 and was restructured as School of Economics and Finance in 2006. 

Our Programs

We offer four undergraduate programs: International Economics and Trade (English), Finance (English), Accounting (English) and Data Science and Big-data Technology (Natural Language Processing and Financial Big-data). Data Science and Big-data Technology is an engineering program launched in 2020 to meet the new demand for special talents. 

We have one first-level academic graduate program in Applied Economics; three second-level academic graduate programs in International Trade, Finance and Statistics and two professional programs of Master of Finance (MF) (starting from 2014) and Master of International Business (starting from 2018). Our MF program ranked the first among 60 colleges and universities in a nation-wide special assessment of MF program in 2018.

We began to enroll doctoral students of International Political Economics in 2007.

We started to provide ACCA courses to students of Accounting in 2012 and in 2016 we set up a “multilingual+” finance minor program, offering courses of finance to students majoring in less commonly taught languages . 

Besides, we have established Practice Bases for Graduate Students of Professional Programs at municipal level, the Research Center for Financial Innovation and Development, the Research Center for Big-data Finance and  the Research Center for Big-data and Applied Statistics. 

Our Mission

We always strive to carve out our own niche to provide an advantageous foothold for our students. To meet the challenge of global competition in the fields of finance and trade, and industrial shift, we have collaborated with other schools at SISU, enterprises and universities to develop programs with distinctive features. With the establishment of the program of Data Science and Big Data Technology, the four undergraduate programs have covered three major disciplines of economics, management and engineering. We will further the multidisciplinary construction and development of our programs supported by data science and big data technology. We will prepare our students sufficiently for global economic and financial development, industrial and technological changes.

Our Teaching

We are committed to “providing students with a solid foundation and a thorough mastery of knowledge, and putting what is learned into practice”. We promote the small-class, high-quality heuristic teaching model featuring critical discussion. Our curriculum aims at developing students with global perspective, professional specialty, and proficient English. In addition to major-related courses, compulsory English courses are also offered, and we also encourage students to take English courses to earn a minor degree. Students in the second and fourth year take the national tests for English majors (TEM 4 and TEM8 respectively), and those who are awarded certificates of TEM 4 and TEM 8 are recognized as having the same proficiency as English majors. 

Our Team

We boast an excellent faculty in teaching and research. There are 63 faculty and staff, including 52 teachers (14 professors and 21 associate professors). Forty-six teachers of the faculty are Ph.D. holders, and more than 82% of them have overseas experience of research and study, and they are qualified to teach bilingually or monolingually in English. We also have a team of adjunct professors composed of more than 60 famous Chinese and foreign scholars and senior economic & financial professionals. Professors of SEF have served as consultants to authorities of the Central Government of China and Shanghai municipal government to provide policy advice for China as a whole and Shanghai in particular. Professors of SEF have also served as special guests on CCTV, Phoenix Satellite TV and other media platforms. They have published nearly a thousand column articles in quality newspapers such as Wenhui DailyGlobal TimesShanghai Securities News and Securities Times.

International Study Opportunities

We attach great importance to developing students’ global perspective and cross-cultural communication skills. We have established cooperative relations with well-known foreign universities, and our partner schools include Georgetown University in the United States, Paris Business School in France, University of British Columbia and Carleton University in Canada, Autonomous University of Barcelona and Barcelona School of Management in Spain, Rotterdam Business School in the Netherlands, and University of Trento in Italy. 

We started our exchange program with Carleton University in 2007, and established a “3+2”( 3 years for undergraduate study and 2 years for graduate study) joint program with Seattle University, Kent State University and Macquarie University in 2008. We offered an overseas summer school program together with University of Montana in 2019.  Meanwhile, we also send students for study tours to Stanford University, Yale University, University of California (Berkeley), New York University, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Imperial College London, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Our Students

Erudition, Vision and Cultivation” is a motto guiding our cultivation of all-round students. Students of all majors have a high starting point, active thinking and strong ability. They have achieved impressive results in international competitions. After Hua Bingqing won the first place in ACCA exam among candidates in Chinese mainland in 2015, Chen Linglin won the first place globally in ACCA exam in 2018. In 2019, two of our students won the first prize of the American College Students Mathematical Contest in Modeling.  

Over the years, the good teaching quality of SEF has been highly recognized by society. The School’s admission scores for our programs have always been the highest in SISU. Our graduates are admired for their “high employment rate, high contracting rate, high starting salary, and high employment satisfaction rate”, and they have become active players in international accounting firms, consulting companies, financial and securities institutions, large international manufacturing enterprises, foreign economic and trade enterprises. Some students work in national, provincial and municipal government agencies, as well as the press, institutions of scientific research and education, foreign embassies and consulates in China. Many internationally renowned multinational companies, foreign banks and top financial institutions regard SEF as their talent pool, and regularly provide opportunities of internship and recruitment to our students every year. Our graduates have been admitted to a number of prestigious universities, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Oxford University, Cambridge University, London School of Economics, Paris Business School and other well-known universities at home and abroad to further their study. A large number of alumni have inspired us with their remarkable achievements, Duan Xiaoying, the current President and CEO of General Electric International Business is just one of them.

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