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The School of Economics and Finance (SEF), one of the most venerable schools of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), is now the largest multidisciplinary one and has been recognized as one of the most qualified bases to cultivate international business professionals. Its predecessor being the undergraduate program in International Economics and Trade of the School of English Studies, it evolved into the Department of International Economics and Trade in 1988. In 1993 School of International Economics and Trade was established. In 2006 it was officially renamed  the School of Economics and Finance (SEF). SEF boasts four undergraduate programs: International Economics and Trade (English), Finance (English), Accounting (English), Data Science and Big Data Technology (Natural Language Processing and Big Data in Finance), and a graduate program in Applied Economics. The Accounting Program has enrolled ACCA students since 2012. The four undergraduate programs are all multidisciplinary, with English as a minor degree. Under the first-level discipline in Applied Economics, there are four second-level research directions: International Trade, Finance, Industrial Economics, and Applied Statistics. In addition, since 2007, Ph.D. students in the direction of International Economic Relations have  enrolled in  the university’s first level doctoral program in International Relations.

Adhering to the educational philosophy of “ Building a solid foundation; Breaking the disciplinary boarders; Learning for practical purpose” we have dedicated ourselves to providing  society with high quality multidisciplinary, international business personnel . We focus on cultivating the students excellent learning ability, adaptability, creativity, and intercultural communication competence  to help them develop into outstanding talents with a solid professional foundation, extensive field knowledge, high foreign language proficiency, and broad international perspective.