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An YulianUniqueness of positive solutions to some coupled cooperative variational elliptic systemsAn Yulian (1/3)Transactions of the American Mathematical Society2018.06SCI
An YulianExact multiplicity of positive solutions for a p-Laplacian equation with positive convex nonlinearityAn Yulian (1/3)Journal of Differential Equations 260 (2016) 2091-21182016.09SCI
CHEN ShumeiGlobal value chain, regional trade networks and Sino-EU FTACHEN Shumei (2/3)Structural Change and Economic Dynamics2019, Vol 50SSCI
CHEN ShumeiImpacts of deregulation reform on PM2.5 concentrations: A case study of business registration reform in ChinaCHEN Shumei (2/3)Journal of Cleaner Production2019, Vol 235SSCI
CHEN ShumeiAn empirical research on track standardization of China-European Railway Express in the BRICHEN Shumei (1/2)Journal of Southeast University (Philosophy and Social Science)2019, No 5  
CHEN ShumeiResearch on Trade Adjustment Assisstance with Chinese Features CHEN Shumei (1/2)Intertrade2019, No 4  
CHEN ShumeiThe Impacts of Import Penetration on Regional Income Inequality in China: A Global Value Chain PerspectiveCHEN Shumei (2/2)The Developing Economies2019, No 3SSCI
CHEN ShumeiStudy on the Spillover Effects of China's Economic GrowthCHEN Shumei (2/2)Asia-pacific Economic Review2019, No 2  
CHEN ShumeiThe Potential Trade Effects of Connectivity for China under BRICHEN Shumei (2/2)Modern Economic Research2019, No 12  
CHEN ShumeiResearch on the Interaction between TechnologicalInnovation and Standards under the Background ofHigh Quality DevelopmentCHEN Shumei (1/2)Soft Science2019, No 12  
CHEN ShumeiThe Impacts of the “Belt and Road”Trade Network on the Trade Efficiency of China: A Reconsideration of the Comparison with TPP,TTIP and RCEPCHEN Shumei (2/2)Asia-pacific Economic Review2019, No 1  
CHEN ShumeiEmperical Study of Sino-India FTA Relationship in RCEP EraCHEN Shumei (1/2)Modern Economic Research2018, No 8  
CHEN ShumeiFormation of Overcapacity of Chinese Steel Industry from the Perspective ofGlobal Value ChainCHEN Shumei (2/2)Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology (Social Sciences Edition) 2018, No 4  
CHEN ShumeiDynamic Evolution and International Comparison of China's Involvement in GVCCHEN Shumei (2/2)Inquiry into Economic Issues2018, No 3  
CHEN ShumeiA re-examination of the trade effects of China’s FTAs from the perspective of global value chainsCHEN Shumei (1/2)Journal of Southeast University (Philosophy and Social Sciences)2018, No 3  
CHEN ShumeiAnalyses of Export Trade Network Patterns of China's Manufacturing Industry under GVCCHEN Shumei (2/2)Contemporary Finance & Economics2017, No 7  
CHEN ShumeiThe Effect of International Standards on Global International Tradein Intermediate Goods: Empirical Evidence from ISO9001CHEN Shumei (2/2)International Economics and Trade Research2017, No 7  
CHEN ShumeiReconstructing the GVC and Deepening the Regional Integration at Post-TPP EraCHEN Shumei (1/2)Forum of World Economcis & Politics2017, No 4  
CHEN ShumeiImpacts of the Mega Trade Agreements on China's Economy:A Comparison Based on the TPP, TTIP and RCEPCHEN Shumei (2/2)Journal of Central China Normal University ( Humanities and Social Sciences)2017, No 4  
CHEN ShumeiOn Connection Mode between  Maritime Silk Road and Euroasia Economic UnionCHEN Shumei (2/2)Asia-pacific Economic Review2017, No 3  
CHEN ShumeiChina's Era of Globalization and Regional Economic Cooperation by 2030CHEN Shumei (1/1)Frontiers2017, No 14  
CHEN ShumeiA Study of Standards’Impacts on Asia-Pacific Regional Value Chain in Post-TPP Era: From the Perspective of Labor StandardsCHEN Shumei (1/1)Pacific Journal2017, No 11  
CHEN ShumeiFTA-Driven Economic Growth: Idealogical Evolution and Mechanism ResearchCHEN Shumei (2/2)Guizhou Social Sciences2016, No 9  
CHEN ShumeiThe Status of Industrialization of Remanufacturing in Chinaon the Basis of Ecological and Opening EconomyCHEN Shumei (2/2)Science and Technology Management Research2016, No 7  
CHEN Shumei FTA Strategy based on Neighbourhood Economic ConsiderationCHEN Shumei (1/1)Intertrade2016, No 10  
CHEN ShumeiThe Economic Effects of Trade Liberalization and Facilitation under '21st Century Maritime Silk Road' InitiativeCHEN Shumei (2/2)Asia-pacific Economic Review2016, No 1  
CHEN ShumeiThe Current Development Situation, Featuresand Top-level Design of the Strategy of Our Country's RTAs CHEN Shumei (2/2)Journal of Northesat Normal University (Philosophy and Social Sciences)2016 Jan  
Dai YuwenCan ESG Investing Beat the Market and Improve Portfolio Diversification?Dai Yuwen (1/1)The Chinese Economy2020.12ESCI, ABDC B
Dai YuwenNominal GDP Targeting and Central Bank ConservativenessDai Yuwen (1/2)Bulletin of Economic Research2019, Issue 3SSCI
Dai YuwenCanada's Loss of External Competitiveness: The Role of Commodity PricesDai Yuwen (2/2)Power Play: Energy and Manufacturing in North America (International Monetary Fund)2016.01
Hu YuezhuA review on The Interactional Feedback Dimension in Instructed Second Language Learning: Linking Theory, Research and Practice.Hu Yuezhu (1/1)Contemporary Foreign Language Studies2019, No 6  
Hu YuezhuAn empirical study on individual differences in foreign language anxiety and willingness to communicateHu Yuezhu (1/1)Technology Enhanced Foreign Language Education2016, No 6CSSCI
Jiang YanqingInvestment in Infrastructure and Regional Growth in ChinaJiang Yanqing (1/3)Emerging Markets Finance and Trade2019, No 9SSCI
Jiang YanqingThe Difference of Outward-Oriented Economy in Six Provinces of Central China Based on the Theil IndexJiang Yanqing (2/2)Asian Development Policy Review2018, No 6  
Jiang YanqingThe Effect of Financial Fragility on the Capital Allocation Efficiency of China’s Real EconomyJiang Yanqing (2/2)Saudi Journal of Economics and Finance2018, No 5  
Jiang YanqingOn Wal-Mart's Marketing Strategy in the Chinese MarketJiang Yanqing (2/2)Saudi Journal of Business and Management Studies2018, No 3  
Jiang YanqingAn Analysis of the Barriers and Countermeasures of Sino-Latin American Economic and Trade CooperationJiang Yanqing (2/2)Saudi Journal of Economics and Finance2018, No 3  
Jiang YanqingThe impact of intensive utilization of cultivated land on grain yields: A case study of Shandong Province in ChinaJiang Yanqing (2/2)International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Research2018, No 2  
Jiang YanqingAn Economic Model of Foreign Language Learning and Its Implications for Econometric AnalysisJiang Yanqing (1/2)Saudi Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences2017, No 3  
Jiang YanqingAn Analysis of the Development of the Chinese Fast Food IndustryJiang Yanqing (2/2)Journal of Asian Business Strategy2017, No 3  
Jiang YanqingEconomic Growth or Environmental Sustainability? Drivers of Pollution in the Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration in ChinaJiang Yanqing (1/2)Emerging Markets Finance and Trade2017, No 12SSCI
Jiang YanqingTrade Integration and Regional Inequality: A Theoretical Framework with Empirical Implications for ChinaJiang Yanqing (1/1)Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies2016, No 4  
Jiang YanqingA Policy-Centric Analysis on Japan’s Defense Industries: From TPEA to TPTDET RegimeJiang Yanqing (2/2)Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences2016, No 4  
Jiang YanqingAn Analysis of the Influence of the Chinese Economic Development on the EnvironmentJiang Yanqing (1/2)Scholars Journal of Economics, Business and Management2016, No 4  
Jiang YanqingOn the Relationship between Foreign Trade and Regional Disparity in China in the Post-Reform EraJiang Yanqing (2/2)Journal of Asian Business Strategy2016, No 3  
Jiang YanqingA Game Theoretic Study of Enterprise Mergers and Acquisitions: The Case of RJR Nabisco Being Acquired by KKRJiang Yanqing (1/3)Business and Management Studies2016, No 2  
Jiang YanqingAn Empirical Analysis of Factors Affecting the Housing Price in ShanghaiJiang Yanqing (2/2)Asian Journal of Economic Modelling2016, No 2  
Li LuLanguage experience, cultural differences and M & a performance of the acquirer's managementLi Lu(1/4)Accounting Research2020, No 2CSSCI
Li LuStructural Holes and Hedge Fund Return Comovement: Evidence from Network-connected Stock Hedge Funds in ChinaLi Lu(1/4)Accounting and Finance2019, No 9, onlineSSCI-Q2
Li LuCultural differences, dialect features and enterprise merger and acquisitionLi Lu(1/3)Financial research2018, No 6CSSCI
Li LuLinguistic Distance and Mergers and Acquisitions: Evidence from ChinaLi Lu(1/4)Pacific-Basin Finance Journal 2018, No 6SSCI-Q2
Li LuLanguage and M & A: A Perspective Based on dialect characteristics of independent directorsLi Lu(1/4)China Accounting Review2018, No 3CSSCI
Li LuThe change of management position of the purchaser: evidence from China's M & a marketLi Lu(1/2)Journal of Central University of Finance and Economics2018, No 3CSSCI
Li LuAnalysis on the development status of China's private equity investment fund industry -- Based on the perspective of global comparisonLi Lu(2/3)Securities Market Herald2018, No 12CSSCI
Li ShaopengThe Routledge Handbook of Second Language Acquisition and PragmaticsLi Shaopeng (1/1)Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies2020, No 2SSCI/A&HCI
Li ShaopengDynamic Systems Theory and L2 DevelopmentLi Shaopeng (2/4)Foreign Language Education2017, No 4CSSCI
Li YangStructural holes and hedge fund return comovement: evidence from network-connected stock hedge funds in ChinaLi Yang (1/4)Accounting & Finance 2019 (Published in Early View) SSCI
Li YangThe Impact of Institutions and Exchange Rate Volatility on China’s Outward FDILi Yang (1/2)Emerging Markets Finance and Trade2018, Issue 7SSCI
Li YuxinR&D spillovers in a supply chain and productivity performance in British firmsLi Yuxin(1/ & Corresponding author)Journal of Technology Transfer2020.02SSCI
Liu BaoquanExploring Teachers’ Views on High-Stakes Language Assessment ReformsLiu Baoquan (1/2)Foreign Language World2020, Vol 2CSSCI
Liu BaoquanTeachers’ involvement in high-stakes language assessment reformsLiu Baoquan (3/3 & Corresponding author)Studies in Educational Evaluation 2020 JuneSSCI
Liu BaoquanAssessment in a micro-& macro-perspectiveLiu Baoquan (2/2)Foreign Language Testing and Teaching2019, Vol 2  
Liu BaoquanA Study on the Validity of Reading Comprehension in TEM4Liu Baoquan (1/2)Computer-assisted Foreign Language Education 2018, Vol 2CSSCI
Liu BaoquanA Questionnaire report on Shanghai----Views and evaluations from International students along the One Belt One Road InitiativeLiu Baoquan (1/2)Decision Reference News2017, Vol 23Positive feedback from Provincial Leaders
Liu BaoquanPromoting Shanghai Cultural Integration leading function, Serving Belt and Road InitiativeLiu Baoquan (1/2)Scientific Development 2016, Vol 7  
Liu XiaoqianThe semiparametric varying-coefficient composite expectile regression model in risk measurement and its applicationLiu Xiaoqian (1/2)Systems Engineering —Theory & Practice2020, No 8EI
Liu XiaoqianLikelihood ratio-type tests in weighted composite quantile regression of DTARCH modelsLiu Xiaoqian (1/3)Science China Mathematics2019, No12SCI
Liu XiaoqianJames–Stein estimation problem for a multivariate normal random matrix and an improved estimatorLiu Xiaoqian (1/3)Linear Algebra and its Applications2017, Vol 532SCI
Liu XiaoqianThe forecasting analysis of HS300 index based on HAR-CVX model of high frequency dataLiu Xiaoqian (1/3)Chinese Journal of Management Science2017, No 6CSSCI
Liu Xiaoqian Weighted composite expectile regression estimate of autoregressive models with applicationLiu Xiaoqian (1/2)Systems Engineering —Theory & Practice2016, No 5EI
Liu XiaoqianA modified multinomial baseline logit model with logit functions having different covariatesLiu Xiaoqian (3/3)Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation2020SCI
Luo HuaBifurcation of displacement problem in nonlinear elastostaticsLuo Hua (1/2)Applied Mathematics Letters2020, No 90SCI
Luo HuaBifurcation and positive solutions of a class of P-Laplace problemsLuo Hua (1/1)Journal of Mathematics2020, No 5CSCD
Luo HuaBifurcation, a-priori bound and negative solutions for the complex Hessian equationLuo Hua (1/2)Journal of Applied Analysis and Computation2020, No 5SCI
Luo HuaGlobal bifurcation and convex solutions for the Monge-Ampère equationLuo Hua (1/3)Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications2020, No 491SCI
Luo HuaGlobal bifurcation from intervals for problems with Pucci's operatorLuo Hua (1/2)Zeitschrift fur Analysis und ihre Anwendungen2020, No 39SCI
Luo HuaExistence and multiplicity of solutions for a weight nonlinear V-time scales boundary value problems at resonanceLuo Hua (1/1)Applied Mathematics A Journal of Chinese Universities A2020, No 3CSCD
Luo HuaGlobal bifurcation and nodal solutions for homogeneous Kirchhoff type equationsLuo Hua (2/3)Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations2020, No 29SCI
Luo HuaGlobal structure of admissible solutions for the k-Hessian equation on bounded domainLuo Hua (2/2)Applied Mathematics Letters2018, No 84SCI
Luo Hua Multiplicity and concentration of positive solutions for fractional p-Laplacian problem involving concave–convex nonlinearityLuo Hua (2/2)Nonlinear Analysis-Real World Applications2018, No 42SCI
Luo HuaAn empirical analysis of the relationship between water pollution and economic growth in Liaoning ProvinceLuo Hua (2/2)Environmental Protection and Circular Economy2017, No 4  
Luo HuaSpectral theory of linear weighted Sturm-Liouville eigenvalue problems(in Chinese)Luo Hua (1/1) Acta Mathematica Scientia A2017, No 2CSCD
Luo HuaExistence and uniqueness of solutions for a nonlinear V-time scales boundary value problem of dynamic system(in Chinese)Luo Hua (1/1)Applied Mathematics A Journal of Chinese Universities A2017, No 1CSCD
Luo HuaGlobal bifurcation from intervals for problems with Pucci's operatorLuo Hua (1/2)Zeitschrift fur Analysis und ihre Anwendungen2020.02SCI
Luo XuemeiGlobal Stability of a Stochastic Lotka-Volterra Cooperative System with Two Feedback Controls   Luo Xuemei (2/2)Journal of Nonlinear Modeling and Analysis2020, Volume 2, Number 1  
Luo XuemeiResearch on the Development of Chinese Non-Universal Language from the Perspective Based on Non-traditional Security Concept   Luo Xuemei (2/2)Survey of Education2019, Vol. 8, No. 7  
Luo XuemeiAnalysis of the Influence of Herd Effect on the Users′Online Knowledge Products Payment Willingness   Luo Xuemei (1/3)Shanghai Management Science2019, Vol. 41, No. 3  
Luo XuemeiAn Empirical Study on the Influence of Language and Culture on the Influence of Language and Culture on Trade between China and ASEAN   Luo Xuemei (1/2)Shanghai Management Science2018, Vol. 40, No. 6  
Luo XuemeiThe Empirical Study on Trade Network in the Silk Road Economic Belt Luo Xuemei (2/3)Shanghai Management Science2017, Vol. 39, No. 6  
Ren JiaGlobal Economic Governance Dilemma and China's Strategy of ParticipationRen Jia (2/3)Shanghai Journal of Economics2020, No 1CSSCI
Ren JiaChina-Iran Economic Cooperation and Partnership under the Belt and Road FrameworkRen Jia (2/2)Journal of Silk Road Studies2019, No 1  
Wang HongyunMaturity Evaluation System of Rule of Law Economy and International ComparisonWang Hongyun (2/3)Statistical Research2016, No 6CSSCI
Wang HongyunThe  Prosperity Index Design for Monitoring Fictitious Economy OperationWang Hongyun (1/2)Statistics and Decision2016, No 4CSSCI
Wang HongyunStudy on Enterprises Innovation Capacity and Its Affecting Factors in Zhongguancun Science TownWang Hongyun (1/3)Soft Science2016, No 10CSSCI
Wang HoupingA Review on the Integration of Working Memory and Interpreting StudiesWang Houping, Zheng Yuxuan, Xu HaimingJournal of Foreign Languages Research2017, No 5  
Wang HoupingA Study on the C-E Translation of Metaphors in Red Sorghum Family in the Perspective of AestheticsWang HoupingCrazy English Pro2017.08  
Wang HoupingAn Analysis of How H. Goldblatt Conveyed the Artistic Charm of Mo Yan's Works and His Application of Translation Strategies---Taking The Republic of Wine as An ExampleWang HoupingOverseas English2017.08  
Xie WenjingThe relationship between international trade and capital flow: a network perspectiveXie Wenjing (3/3)Journal of International Money and Finance2019.01SSCI(A)
Xie WenjingPolitical Ties and Firm Performance in China: Evidence from A Quantile RegressionXie Wenjing (1/3)Journal of East Asian Studies2017SSCI
Xu JiaGlobal Economics Governance Dilemma and China's Strategy of ParticipationXu Jia (1/3)Shanghai Journal of Economics2020, No 1CSSCI
Xu JiaCommodity Trade between the US and Korea and the J-Curve EffectXu Jia (3/3) New Zealand Economic Papers2017, Vol.51, No 1  
Yu yuxinEU’s Policy Mechanisms on Energy Performance ContractYu Yuxin(3/5)Shanghai ENERGY CONSERVATION2020, No 2  
Yu yuxinResearch on Market Impact of Reducing Pre-announcement System from the Perspective of Financial Supply-side ReformYu Yuxin(1/3)Advances In International Finance2020, No 2  
Yu yuxinBlockchain provides technical support for the modernization of national governance system and governance capacityYu Yuxin(1/2)Shanghai Journal of Economics2020, No 1CSSCI
Yu yuxinOn the construction of index system of national governance modernization from the perspective of technological evolutionYu Yuxin(1/3)REFORMATION & STRATEGY2020, No 1  
Yu yuxinThe experience and Enlightenment of the development of pension health industry in developed countriesYu Yuxin(2/2)REFORMATION & STRATEGY2020, No 1  
Yu yuxinShort Text Emotion Classification Method Combining LDAand Self-Attention Yu Yuxin(5/5)Computer Engineering and Applications2020(18)  
Yu yuxinResearch on the relationship between income and financing channels of China Energy Contract ProjectYu Yuxin(2/5)Industrial Technology Innovation2019(1)  
Zang WenjiaoLarge Shareholder Incentives and Auditor ChoiceZang Wenjiao(1/4)AUDITING: A Journal of Practice and Theory2019.01SSCI
Zeng RongComplements or substitutes? A meta-analysis of the role of integration mechanisms for knowledge transfer in the MNE networkZeng Rong (1/3)Journal of World Business Volume 53, Issue 4, June 2018, Pages 415-4322018.06SSCI(A)
Zhang YanA Discussion of the Debate on the Relationship Between Language and Meaning in the Context of Modern Discourse on TranslationZhang Yan (1/1)Foreign Studies2019, No 3  
Zhang YanApplying Aesthetics to Translation Studies: Reflections on Teaching “Aesthetics and TranslationZhang Yan (1/1)Foreign Languages and Translation2019, No 2  
Zhang YanA Study on Translating Aesthetic Emotions of Images in Classical Chinese PoemsZhang Yan (1/1)Foreign Language and Literature Research2018, No 6  
Zhang YanBook Review of Translation and CultureZhang Yan (1/1)Translation World2017, No 4  
Zhang YanFriendship Between Hannah Arendt & Mary McCarthyZhang Yan (1/1)Book City2017, No 4  
Zhang YanAfter the Translation: The Creative Imitation of Chinese Classical Poems by Modern Zhang Yan (1/1)Chinese Comparative Literature2016, No 4CSSCI
Zhu YunhuanPreliminary research on efficiency evaluation of venture capital guidance fundZhu Yunhuan (1/ )Scientific Management Research2018.08.20  
Zhu YunhuanKeypoints, difficulties and countermeasures of medium-term science and technology fiscal planningZhu Yunhuan (1/ )Forum on Science and Technology in China2017.01.05