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Founded in December 1949, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) is the first foreign language institution of higher education established after the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). It is one of the birthplaces of foreign language education in P.R.C. It is under direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education (MOE) and it is listed as one of the first universities jointly supervised by the Ministry of Education and the Municipality of Shanghai. SISU is a “Project 211” national key university with “First-class Discipline” under MOE’s “Double First-Class” University Initiative.

The School of Economics and Finance (SEF) is SISU’s oldest and largest multidisciplinary college and one of the University’s important bases to train international business professionals. The School currently has four bachelors degree programs: Finance (English), International Economics and Trade (English), Accounting (English), and Data Science and Big Data Technology (Natural Language Processing and Financial Big Data). SEF has a first-level master's degree program in Applied Economics and a doctoral program with its research direction in International Political Economy. Under the first-level master's degree program in Applied Economics, there are three second-level master's programs in International Trade, Finance and Statistics, and two professional degree programs in Finance and International Business. Since 2012, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) examination training program (non-degree) has been established, and the ACCA Global Examination Test Center has been set up; in 2016, the multilingual + financial talent experimental class project has been launched, providing education with a bachelor's degree in Finance as a minor. In addition, the School has established the Shanghai Municipal Professional Masters’ Practice Base, the Research Center for Financial Innovation and Development, the Research Center for Big Data and Applied Statistics , the Research Center for International Regional Economic Cooperation , and the Research Center for Mathematical Economics and Mathematical Finance.

In order to promote the development of disciplines, attract high-level innovative talents, and strengthen academic exchanges, the School recruits postdoctoral researchers at home and abroad all year round.

1. Recruitment Direction  

Main Research Directions:Postdoctoral Cooperative Supervisor

International Political Economy

WTO Reform and Reshaping of Global Trade Rules

Modern Monetary Theory and Changes in Global Monetary Policy 

Prof. Zhang Yugui

Regional Economic Cooperation

Free Trade Zone and Economic Growth

Standardization and Economic Governance  

Prof. Chen Shumei

Mathematical Economics

Dynamic Equations and Economic Applications

Linguistic Data Science and Application  

Prof. Luo Hua

2. Prerequisites for Recruitment

(1)The candidate shall adhere to the Party's policies, have a sound character and good scholarship, research integrity, passion for the cause of higher education, and teamwork spirit;

(2) The candidate’s age shall be generally under 35, and the time to have obtained his/her doctorate degree generally shall not exceed 3 years;

(3) The candidate shall have a strong research ability and professionalism, and be able to initiate and complete corresponding scientific research work;

(4) The candidate shall be able to conduct full-time postdoctoral research during his/her candidature.

3. For Enquiry

Telephone number: +8621-35373115/35372779

Contact Person: Ms. Xu


Mailing Address: No. 1, 550 Dalian Road (West), School of Economics and Finance (SEF), Shanghai International Studies University (SISU)Hongkou District, Shanghai, 200083, P.R.China.