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Jiang YanqingGlobalization and Sustainable Growth in China

Jiang Yanqing

Dai Yuwen

Jiang YanqingEnvironmentally Sustainable Development in China

Jiang Yanqing

Yuan Xu

Jiang YanqingGlobalization and the Changing Landscape of China's Industrial Development

Jiang Yanqing

Xu Wen

Nova Science Publishers2019.08
Jiang YanqingThe Path to Sustainable Growth: Innovative Development of China

Jiang Yanqing

Xu Peng

Studium Press LLC, USA2017.09
Jiang YanqingChina: Regional Growth and Sustainability from an Environmental PerspectiveJiang YanqingNova Science Publishers2016.09
Jiang YanqingGreen Development in China: Models and DiscussionsJiang YanqingSpringer2016.03
Li LuThe wing of snowball: language and enterprise merger and acquisitionLi LuShanghai People's Publishing House2017.10
Li LuResearch on merger and acquisition of Listed Companies in ChinaLi LuShanghai People's Publishing House2016.02
Li ShaopengA Dynamic Systems Theory Perspective on L2 Writing DevelopmentLi ShaopengShanghai Foreign Language Education Press2019.08
An Yulian Linear Algebra and Its Applications

An Yulian

Luo Xuemei

Luo Hua

Peking University Press2021
Shi QingCurrency and PowerShi QingShanghai People’s Publishing House2017.10
Wang HongyunA Study on the Economic Effect of the Rule of Law Wang HongyunShanghai People’s Publishing House (SPPH)2017.10
Wang HoupingA Study on Xu Yuanchong's Translation Art :An Aesthetic PerspectiveWang HoupingGolden Light Academic Publishing2017.05
Zhang YanTranslation of Grimm's Fairy TalesZhang YanChina Translation & Publishing House2017.01
Zhang YanTranslation of Between Friends by Hannah Arendt & Mary McCarthyZhang YanCITIC Press Group2016.09
Zhang YanTranslation of Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited by Aldous HuxleyZhang YanCentral Compilation &Translation Press2016.07
Liu MiqingAesthetics and Translation: A Coursebook

Liu Miqing

Zhang Yan

Aesthetics and Translation: A Coursebook2016.03
Zhu YunhuanRearch on Scientific Research Management StrategyZhu YunhuanPeking University Press2020.06