Master of International Business Program


Founded in December 1949, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) is the first foreign language institution of higher education established after the founding of the Republic of China (PRC). SISU is one of the birthplaces of foreign language education in PRC. It is under direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education of China and jointly managed with Shanghai municipal government. It is an institution that is funded by the national “211 Project” and “Double First-Class Discipline” program of national key universities. Over the years, the training of talents in applied economics in SISU has always focused on the close integration of professional expertise and language education, and we have accumulated rich experience in the cultivation of multi-lingual and multi-disciplinary talents majoring in applied economics.

Since its establishment in 1984, drawing on the multi-lingual advantages of SISU, the major of International Economics and Trade on which the Center for Master of International Business (MIB) Program is based, has continuously carried out teaching reforms, deepened professional education, strengthened international cooperation, and activated students’ innovative endowments. So far, some 3,000 outstanding undergraduate students and graduate students have graduated from this major and worked as competent professionals for renowned domestic or international employers. With a good command of professional knowledge and skills, a global vision and excellent cross-cultural communication skills, our graduates have always played an important role in relevant fields at home and abroad. 

The objectives of establishing the Master of International Business (MIB) program in SISU are to cultivate in our students a sense of social responsibility and professional ethics, a global vision and a sense of innovation, professional skills and literacy in international business, and cross-cultural communication skills, so that they can be competent in playing an active role in international operations and management. In a nutshell, our MIB program is a professional graduate program targeted at nurturing high-level and multi-disciplinary talents.

As is known to all, international business has its characteristics of internationalization, cross-fields, new formats and high standards. With the in-depth development of global economic integration and the establishment of a new open economic system in China, our country’s international business is facing an increasingly complex international economic environment, ever fierce international competition, rapid development of regional economic cooperation, continuous integration of domestic and international markets and the integration of trade and investment. With the continuous emergence of new business forms, the globalization of Chinese companies’ operations and the localization of multinationals, Chinese companies are confronted with many problems such as increased trade frictions, a  shortage of top-notched talents, and insufficient business innovative capabilities. Consequently, our society’s demand for top-notched international business talents is becoming increasingly urgent. In order to ensure the quality of talent training and cultivate talents who can adequately acquaint themselves with the world economic situation and adapt themselves to the new pattern of international business activities, our MIB program adheres to the excellent tradition and takes advantage of the competitive edges of the School of Economics and Finance(SEF) in the training of multi-disciplinary international talents, and ensures that the curriculum design is reasonable and keeps pace with times, stressing the industrial experience and international academic background of our teaching staff, and attaching great importance to the cultivation of our students’ practical professional skills and their career development ability.