Department of International Economics and Trade


We boast a team of devoted teachers with a doctoral degree or a master’s degree from various universities in China and abroad. With the experience of studying, researching and teaching in some European and American universities, most of the teachers are able to offer major courses in English. Over the years, they have published many monographs and textbooks and some have won such important awards as Shanghai Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award and the Outstanding Textbook Award conferred by the Ministry of Education of China.

Founded in 1984, the program of International Economics and Trade is one of the earliest multidisciplinary programs at SISU. The graduate program was approved in 1998 and started enrolling students in 1999. The program covers four research fields: international trade theories and policies, international marketing, business communication studies and Japanese economy studies. In 2011, based on the graduate program of International Economics and Trade, the application for the graduate program of Applied Economics was approved. In 2007, the major had an addition of a doctoral program of International Political Economics (under the first level discipline of political science at SISU).      

For undergraduate students, double degrees and double programs are also provided. Students will obtain a BS degree in Economics after completing all the required credits and passing the thesis defense. Those with spare time for more English courses can minor in English Language and Literature and obtain an extra BA degree after fulfilling the requirements

In addition, another program is provided for SISU students majoring in a foreign language other than English. The program with the teaching model of “International Business and Finance +Foreign Language” offers all the major courses required of Economics majors. Students of the program can obtain a BS degree (minor) in Economics after completing all the required credits. The multidisciplinary teaching model aims at helping students develop strategic thinking, acquire practical abilities, gain insight into international trade rules, have a good mastery of international economic and financial tools and enhance their cross-cultural communication skills so that they can become international talents with both economic knowledge and global vision. 

The teaching philosophy of the undergraduate programs is “Integration and application of economic theories with an emphasis on essentials”. To build up the competitive edge, the program employs the model of “International Economics and Trade +English” with the aim of fostering talents with a good command of international economic and trade theories as well as a high proficiency of English, which fits in with China’s economic development and the change of international business environment.  

To attain the objective of cultivating international talents with a good command of specialized knowledge, reforms have been carried out to perfect the curriculum system. In addition, a fully–equipped and all–function finance and trade lab has been set up with a designated staff in charge of its daily maintenance. Rules and regulations have been made for the use of the lab, bringing the operation procedures into line with the national standard. So far, several laboratory courses have been offered to meet the needs of students to improve their practical skills, which have received good feedback from students. 

In the past three decades, more than 1,000 graduates of our department have been employed by the world’s top 500 companies, government agencies and trade organizations.

Faculty Profiles

Chen Shumei, Dai Yuwen, Jiang Yanqing, Li Yuxin, Li Yang, Li Yihang, Song Shifang, Xie Wenjing, Xia Ji, Zhang Yugui, Zhou Qiong.