Department of Accounting


The Department of Accounting (DOA) is currently one of the four departments of the School. There are 8 full-time professors, associate professors and lecturers in the department who are responsible for the teaching of accounting courses. Besides, more than a dozen professors and associate professors in other related majors teach courses such as English, Economics, Finance, Advanced Mathematics, Big Data and Law, among others, to our accounting undergraduates. All the teachers in the department have a doctorate degree in accounting, a high level of professional teaching skills and strong scientific research capability. They have published many academic papers in authoritative journals, a lot of textbooks and monographs at home and abroad, and obtained many national natural science projects sponsored by the Youth Fund, the Humanities and Social Sciences Fund of the Ministry of Education of China, and the Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Fund. So far, some of the core courses such as Auditing, Financial Statement Analysis and Advanced Financial Accounting have been approved by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission as key construction courses. 

Moreover, the accounting major under the DOA is the largest undergraduate major in this School, which is divided into two intensive professional training focuses: Accounting and ACCA. Adhering to our national higher education purpose of cultivating high-quality talents and our University’s overall goal of nurturing “multilingual” + outstanding international talents and to the teaching and cultivating philosophy of fostering our talents’ character and civic virtue, the department strives to cultivate in our students a humanistic and scientific spirit and a strong sense of credibility, and trains them to be multi-disciplinary professionals with a good command of the theories and practice of accounting and management, economics, and law. Accounting students in the department have a wealth of opportunities to undertake internships and to participate in various international projects such as short-term or long-term international exchange and 3+2 joint training programs. Our graduates work in large international and domestic multinationals, accounting firms, consulting companies, banks, government agencies, etc., contributing to the economic, cultural and social development of China.

Faculty Profiles

Cang Yongtao, Jiang Jikui, Li Lu, Shi Qing, Tang Xiaoyan, Zang Wenjiao, Zhang Meixia.