Division of College English Teaching


The Division of College English Teaching offers tailor-made English courses for students in SEF since 1984. This is a team of 1 professor, 6 associate professors and 6 lecturers, who are engaged in the research and teaching of Linguistics, Literature, Translation Studies, Business English, Financial English and Cross-cultural Communication. Their publications are seen in key domestic and international journals with very high impact factor. With a diverse research background, the teaching team not only offers language skill-based courses, but also a wide-range of ESP courses, thus preparing SEF students for their future academic scholarship and professional practice.

The English teachers are committed to helping students become proficient English users, and their sustained efforts have paid off. Students in SEF rank high in TEM–4 and TEM–8, two national tests for English Majors, and have been standing high for years in our university. The English teachers are also actively involved in developing students into professionals with global perspective and cross-cultural communication competence. With proficient English and a strong specialty, students in SEF are very competitive and much sought after in the job market.

Faculty Profiles 

Du Tao, Ge Xianru, Hu Yuezhu, Liu Baoquan, Li Shaopeng, Liang Wenbo, Qin Yue, Wu Qizhi, Wang Houping, Wu Junru, Xu Lu, Yang Jingkuan, Zhang Yan.