Zhang Yan

Title:Professor of English Language and Literature

Department:English Teaching Department


Address:School of Economics and Finance, Shanghai International Studies University, No. 550 Dalian Road (West), Hongkou Campus, Shanghai, 200083, China

Areas of Expertise:

Culture and Translation

Aesthetics and Translation


Ph.D., Shanghai International Studies University, 2006

MA, East China Normal University, 1995

Working Experience:

2012 – Present, School of Economics and Finance, Shanghai International Studies University

1995 – 2012, School of Foreign Languages, Tongji University

Awards, Honors & Certificates:

National Book Award, 2005 (for the Chinese translation of Amusing Ourselves to Death)

Excellent Young Teacher of Tongji University, 2004

First Prize of Li Guohao Teaching Award, 2002

Excellent Young Teacher of Tongji University, 1997

Selected Publications

Between Norms and Deviations – A Study of Fiction Translation Norms at the Turn of the 20th Century in China, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2011

Translation Studies: An Aesthetic Perspective, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2011 (Co-author)

Aesthetics and Translation: A Coursebook, China Translation & Publishing House, 2016 (Co-author)

“A Discussion of the Debate on the Relationship Between Language and Meaning in the Context of Modern Discourse on Translation”, Foreign Studies, 2019(3)

Applying Aesthetics to Translation Studies: Reflections on Teaching “Aesthetics and Translation”, Foreign Languages and Translation, 2019(2)

“Study on Translating Aesthetic Emotions of Images in Classical Chinese Poems”Foreign Language and Literature Research, 2018(6)

“After the Translation: The Creative Imitation of Chinese Classical Poems by Modern American Poets”, Chinese Comparative Literature, 2016(4)

“Understanding Translation of Chinese Novels into English in Context”, Foreign Language and Translation, 2015(4)

“Textual Features of English Novels by Chinese American Writers and New Translation Problems Involved”, English and American Literary Studies, 2014(11)

Translation of Between Friends by Hannah Arendt &Mary McCarthy, CITIC Press Group, 2016

Translation of Brave New Worland Brave New World Revisited by Aldous Huxley, Central Compilation &Translation Press, 2016

Translation of Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman, Guangxi Normal University Press, 2004

Courses Taught:

Advanced English

English-Chinese Interpretation

Aesthetic and Translation