Zhu Yunhuan

Title:Associate Professor

Department:Department of Finance


Address:School of Economics and Finance, Shanghai International Studies University, No. 550 Dalian Road (West), Hongkou District, Shanghai, 200083, China

Areas of Expertise:

Theory and Policy of Public Finance and Taxation


Mar. 2006 – Jan. 2009, Ph.D. in Public Finance, School of Public Economics & Administration, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Working Experience

June 2006 – Present, School of Economics and Finance, Shanghai International Studies University

Selected Publications

Preliminary research on efficiency evaluation of venture capital guidance fund, Scientific Management Research, 2018, (8)

Key points, difficulties and countermeasures of medium-term science and technology fiscal planning, Forum on Science and Technology in China, 2017, (1)

Preliminary considerations of central and local scientific responsibility and expenditure division Based on the research of integrated management department of science and technology, Studies in Science of Science, 2016, (7)

A preliminary study on the research funding policy in the national independent innovation demonstration area, Science & Technology Management Research, 2016, (3)

How to Promote the Cooperation between Industries, Universities and Research Institutes, Forum on Science and Technology in China, 2011, (6)

Research on Performance Evaluation of Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements and Related Issues, Science & Technology and Economy, 2011, (4)

Research on Taxation Policy Promoting High-tech Enterprises' Development, Journal of Industrial Technological Economics, 2011, (3)

A Consumption Externality Study on Private Cars in China, Commercial Research, 2010, (12)

An Empirical Analysis of the Influence of Fiscal Subsidies on Enterprise Research and Development, Economic Survey, 2010, (9)

Dynamic Analysis of Research and Development Input and Economic Growth, Scientific Management Research, 2010, (4)

An Analysis on Urban Private Car Consumption and Externality of Road Supply, Modern Economic Research, 2009, (9)

Enlightenment of “Down’s Theory” on the Mode of Urban Road Management, Shanghai Management Science, 2009, (2)

Research of Smoothing Effect of Transfer to Fiscal Expenditure Fluctuation, Journal of Shanxi Finance and Economics University, 2008, (5) reprinted in Public Finance & Taxation, 2008, (8)

An Analysis on the Relationship between Local Fiscal Expenditure’s Structure and Local Economic Development, Statistics and Decision, 2008, (2)

Analytical Study on Capital Adequacy Ratio in our Commercial Banks, Financial Economics, 2005, (8)

Books & Chapters

Research on Scientific Research Management Strategy, Peking University Press, 2020.7

Study on Social Costs of Urban Private Car Consumption, World Publishing Corporation, 2011.11

International Monetary Economics, Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2008.10.  (Finished, 20,000 words)

Courses Taught:

Contemporary Chinese Economy

Public Finance