Huang Hui

Title:Associate Professor

Department:Department of Finance

Address:School of Economics and Finance, Shanghai International Studies University, No. 550 Dalian Road (West), Hongkou Campus, Shanghai, 200083, China

Areas of Expertise:

Commercial Bank Management

Capital Market


Sep.2003 – Jun.2006, School of Economics, Fudan University, Ph.D.

Working Experience:

Jul. 1994 – Present, Shanghai International Studies University

Selected Publications:

Tradeoff and Selection between Bank Market Discipline and Government Supervision. Journal of Finance and Economics, 2006 (11).

Research on Depository Market Discipline. Finance and Economics, 2009 (7).

Commentary on the Bank Market Discipline Mechanism and Its Inspirations. Journal of Audit and Economics, 2009 (4).

Determinants of Commercial Banks’ Capital Buffer. Journal of Business Economics, 2013 (4).

Courses Taught:

Commercial Bank Management

Investment Banking: Theory and Practice

Public Finance