The Special Forum of World Artificial Intelligence Conference to be held at School of Economics and Finance, SISU


On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of Shanghai International Studies University, The Special Forum of World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC 2019) with the theme of “Artificial Intelligence Drives High Quality Development—Building Artificial Intelligence Ecological Chain”, organized by the School of Economics and Finance, will be held in Hongkou Campus of Shanghai International Studies University on August 28. At that time, a group of top Chinese and foreign experts in the field of artificial intelligence, including academicians of the Royal Academy of Engineering, academicians of the Academia Europaea, and Guo Yike, the Director of the Institute of Data Science at Imperial College of the United Kingdom, will gather at Shanghai International Studies University to share their views on the theme of the forum and promote the high-quality development with artificial intelligence.

The topics of this forum include but are not limited to: One Belt One Road, RMB internationalization and ecological intelligence of financial technology, artificial intelligence development and One Belt One Road civilization exchange, the development of natural language processing technology and the new trend of intercultural communication, artificial Intelligence and the economic and social inclusive development of One Belt One Road, artificial intelligence, the new digital divide and the Belt and Road co-prosperity, and the model discussion of the construction of the Belt and Road artificial intelligence ecological chain, etc.

During the conference, a high-level roundtable forum will be held, in which Chinese and foreign experts will exchange ideas and discuss the topics about the translation in the context of artificial intelligence, such as challenges and countermeasures, the development of artificial intelligence and the training of cross-cultural talents, the development of artificial intelligence, new digital divide and its countermeasures and so on.

The forum will also attract relevant enterprises to display on site and show the latest technological achievements and products to both professional and ordinary audiences.

As a senior consultant of this forum, Professor Rong Chunming, the chief scientist of big data from the European Research Agency, the co-chairman of the world’s top computer institution —Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the chairman of the IEEE Cloud Computing Association, and the academician of the Norwegian Academy of Engineering, will visit SISU on August 13 and make an in-depth discussion on substantive cooperation with the president of SISU, Li Yansong. Academician Rong will also have in-depth exchanges with the head of the School of Economics and Finance on the establishment of the Block chain Finance Research Institute, and the successful running of the undergraduate majors of data science and Big data Technology, and give instructive suggestions.

Shanghai International Studies University, as one of the implementation units of the “Shanghai Serves the Country’s ‘One Belt and One Road’ Construction; Play a Bridgehead Role Action Plan”, is striving to strengthen its ability to serve the country and Shanghai, and has established a high-level research team in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence, linguistics, Middle East studies, advanced translation and cross-cultural studies. SISU also has outstanding achievements in multilingual finance and other inter-disciplinary training. It has a world-class school of advanced translation and interpretation. In addition, it is a member of the International Alliance for Asian and African Studies and has extensive influence in the countries along the One Belt And One Road.

School of Economics and Finance,

Shanghai International Studies University