Dr. Luo Guangsheng and Dr. Ruan Chunyang Publish their paper in the SCI Journal IEEE Access


Dr. Luo (first author) and Dr. Ruan (corresponding author) from the Department of Data Science and Big Data recently have their paper Analysis and Research Based on Instrument Drift Data  published in the SCI journal IEEE Access (Volume: 9, Page: 56915-56926, ISSN: 2169-3536, Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3071883) of computer science, engineering, and technology. The journal IEEE Access, with an impact factor of 3.475, is classified into Quartile Ⅰ of all SCI journals.

On the basis of industrial big data analysis, the paper analyzes in depth the computation methods including time correlation, coverage analysis, outlier analysis, etc. Focusing on the process of the AFAL method, this paper presents the statistical analysis process of drift data. The paper describes the drift algorithm with random behavior and deviant behavior and designs an application system for importing, exporting, storing, and analyzing the data from the industrial instrument, which can store calibration data into Hadoop Database. The paper is valuable in industrial big data calibration.

Translated by:

Qin Feng

Yin Miaojie

Song Junkai

Peng Fei

Li Qifeng