Statistics--Based on Statistical Models and Experiments Is to Be Launched through China University MOOC Platform


Shanghai International Studies University's course Statistics--Based on Statistical Models and Experiments is to be launched on the China University MOOC platform soon. The course was designed and completed by Dr. Zhang Mingqian, Dr. Liu Xiaoqian, and Dr. Wang Hongyun from School of Economics and Finance, Shanghai International Studies University. It is aimed at helping learners to master basic statistical theories and modeling techniques. Case presentations are incorporated into classroom teaching to deepen learners' understanding of the features and basic methods of statistical modeling and improve learners' ability to conduct statistical analysis and modeling of practical problems. The first-round classes will start on December 29, 2020.

The course Statistics-Based on Statistical Models and Experiments is developed around the process of data analysis, including data acquisition, data preprocessing, data visualization, measures of data distribution, and other descriptive statistics, as well as inferred statistics and modeling techniques for main regression models. Each step of data analysis corresponds to an experimental case and is implemented with R code to help learners to understand how to choose appropriate statistical analysis methods and modeling techniques for specific problems. The experimental case, in conjunction with the analysis results reported by the R software, can enhance the learners' ability to interpret statistical analysis conclusions.

There are three features of this course: firstly, emphasis on the basics. The essence and ideas of basic theories of Statistics which are not limited to the strict mathematical proof are highlighted, which can enable learners to understand the applicability of the statistical methods through an explanation of profound knowledge in simple language. Secondly, emphasis on the practice. The use of statistical analysis software and methods are highlighted with which the learners are allowed to put theories into practice. Thirdly, emphasis on the application. The application of statistical theories and methods in practical problems are highlighted, so as to cultivate the learners’ abilities to transform the ability to study of practical issues into  capabilities to address statistical problems, thus assisting them in working out the solution to practical problems with statistical techniques.

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Translated by :Shi Yu

Pang  Ying

Luo Hao  


Revised by Wang Houping