Associate Professor Wu Junru's Chinese Academic Translation Project Approved by the National Social Science Fund of China in 2020


On January the 19th in 2021, the National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences announced the list of Chinese Academic Translation Projects of the National Social Science Fund of China for 2020. Associate professor Wu Junru’s Project “National Governance and Societal Growth: 40 Years of Urban Community Governance in China” is honored to be listed.

The NSSF established the Chinese Academic Translation Project in 2010 to provide funding for scholarly works that represent Chinese academic levels, embody the essence of Chinese culture, and reflect the frontiers of Chinese academia, to be published in foreign authoritative publishing institutions and to enter mainstream distribution and dissemination channels abroad. The aim is to bring into play the exemplary and guiding role of the National Social Science Fund, deepen academic exchanges and dialogues between China and foreign countries, further expand the international impact of Chinese scholarship, enhance the national academic voice, and help the world better understand China in philosophy and social sciences.

The book National Governance and Societal Growth—40 Years of Urban Community Governance in China, which is based on China's actual urban community governance from the strategic perspective of modernizing the national governance system and governance capacity and is closely integrated with the national economic and social development in the 13th Five-Year Plan period, traces the real history of the origin and growth of urban communities in the 40 years since the reform and opening up in a longitudinal time dimension. The translation of this book will help to disseminate overseas the experience of socialist national governance with Chinese characteristics, help the international community to understand China's national governance model comprehensively and objectively, and enhance China's national voice and influence in the international arena.